Breast reduction journey

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction journey Shivani Patel, Priti P. Patel, MD A breast reduction can provide significant benefits to women– both medically and cosmetically. Whatever the reason may be for this procedure, the goal of plastic surgeons like Dr. Priti Patel is to provide patients with the best experience and results possible. A breast reduction surgery removes […]

Laser Hair Removal-When should you drop the razor?

Laser Hair Removal (1)

Laser Hair Removal-When should you drop the razor? Shree Amin, Priti Patel MD   How does a laser treatment work? In essence, lasers emit wavelengths of light of specific, single colors. The energy from this light is transferred to the skin and hair pigment (specifically melanin). However, in hair removal, it is crucial to minimize […]

Ditch the bulge!-Rectus diastasis

Ditch the Bulge!-Rectus Diastasis

Ditch the bulge!-Rectus diastasis Updated: Jan 31 Nine months after creating an amazing baby, a mother experiences so many joys. The worst part though is the thing that most women don’t talk about and despite lots of exercise and tons of crunches it still doesn’t seem to budge…the dreaded bulge! The tummy bulge left behind- also […]

Scar therapy: Professional care and at home options

Scar Therapy

Scar therapy: How to treat your scars at home or through professional treatment Updated:  April 6, 2022 Your skin is a valuable and seamless organ, covering all the crucial body parts lying underneath it. A simple tear or injury can change its appearance, resulting in a scar. A board certified Plastic Surgeon will be able […]

Melasma- How to lose the unwanted mask!

Luminous Skin Brightener

Melasma- How to lose the unwanted mask! Updated: Jan 31 Dark spots and brown discoloration are one of the most common concerns brought up in plastic surgery offices, according to Priti Patel, MD a New Jersey based Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon.     Often times, it is the result of acne scars or even sun […]

Retinol-The “go to” skin care product

Skin Care Product

Retinol-The “go to” skin care product Shree Amin, Priti P. Patel MD Skin care is often something many people overlook. Maintaining your skin is just as important as taking care of any other part of your body. If you’re over 30, retinol is a vital ingredient to keeping your skin youthful. What is Retinol? Retinol, […]

When is a mini tummy tuck enough?

Mini Tummy Tuck (1)

When is a mini tummy tuck enough? Priya Halanı, Priti P Patel MD When is a mini tummy tuck enough? Like with any other medical procedure, there are a lot of criteria that need to be considered before getting a mini tummy tuck. When diet and exercise have not corrected excess fat and loose skin, […]