Hair Loss and Methods of Rejuvenation

Hair Loss and Methods of Rejuvenation

Hair Loss and Methods of Rejuvenation Joseph Kozimbo, Priti P Patel MD One fear of growing older is the potential for hair loss — will I be bald?  But is old age the only cause of hair loss?  And if you lose your hair, what methods of rejuvenation are there? Most Common Causes of Hair […]

VASER Liposuction


Feel Empowered and Confident Everyday with VASER Liposuction Aryan Shah, Priti P. Patel MD “Maintain a healthy body.” From teenagers to adults, the idea of having a perfect body has been ingrained into our minds. From actors we see on the big screen to our annual physician checks, we are reminded about the prestige and […]

Does Skincare Differ in the Summer time?

Skincare Differ in the Summer Time (1)

Does Skincare Differ in the Summertime? Talia Tardogno, Priti P. Patel MD   As the heat of summer approaches it is important to think about the effects extra time in the sun can have on your skin. It may seem like you have to pick between a fun day at the beach and nice skin, […]

Why is Radiofrequency Microneedling the Hottest New Trend?


RF Microneedling Adhithi Rajesh, Priti P. Patel MD What is Radiofrequency Microneedling? Radiofrequency microneedling is a form of controlled skin injury that uses small, insulated needles to deliver high intensity radiofrequency energy to targeted tissue. The fine needles enter the skin, creating microwounds in the skin, and release radiofrequency energy into the microwounds. The damage […]

Biostimulating Filler: The Right Filler for You

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Biostimulating Filler: The Right Cosmetic Filler for You Jahnave Dadi, Priti P Patel MD   With great age, comes great aging. Today, millions of Americans are opting for facial fillers, yet why use biostimulatory fillers rather than other types? Let’s get into that! What Are Facial Fillers and Who Needs Them Fillers are one of […]